CanSino Vaccine Legalization for Visa to China
CanSino( unidosis) vaccine inoculation for China Visa and authentication at the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Quito-Ecuador

CanSino vaccine for Chinese visa

If you found this page, you are probably looking for the CanSino or Sinovac vaccine for visa facilitation to the People’s Republic of China. Our China Visa with Chinese vaccine program, provides  you with a complete, fast and efficient service, which includes CanSino or Sinovac vaccines, official translation into Chinese, authenitication at the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China; and, shipping by DHL Express to your home address in the United States, Canada or other countries.

“In order to resume personal exchanges between China and other countries, as of March 15, 2021, the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the United States provides facilitation to applicants inoculated with COVID-19 vaccines produced in China.”

“1.- Foreign citizens and their family members from various fields who plan to visit mainland China to resume professional and productive activities only need to submit documentation in accordance with the requirements established before the COVID-19 pandemic when applying for a visa.”

Get the Single-Dose CanSinoBio for COVID-19 in Ecuador – All Inclusive

Chinese COVID-19 Vaccines replace Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Invitation Letter (PU Letter) requirement

Below are the steps to follow:

1.- Book a Flight:

Here we show some suggestions of 1 stop flight to Quito (UIO) for the month of April, 2022. We picked best prices for the  month. There all set for a 1 Night stays in Ecuador, please double check to make sure we have our timing correct and adapt in case you want to stay for more days. You may click on the links provided.

SAN FRANCISCO 26 $561.00 https://bit.ly/3DKh9X5
LOS ANGELES 25 $472.00 https://bit.ly/35LZ9il
CHICAGO 12,22,27 $539.00 https://bit.ly/3LFSR34
AUSTIN ALL MONTH $594.00 https://bit.ly/3ugGOnb
MIAMI 20-29 APRIL $339.00 https://bit.ly/3LIUuNx
NEW YORK 12,19,22,27 $374.00 https://bit.ly/3J9n8FS
DENVER 20-30 $640.00 https://bit.ly/3uY3rfc
LAS VEGAS 11, 24-28 $633.00 https://bit.ly/3Jhnx9j
HOUSTON 13,20,21,27 $637.00 https://bit.ly/3DLnvoV
ORLANDO 12,14,19,23-25 $532.00 https://bit.ly/3LMA4mU
WASHINGTON , D.C 11-13, 25-30 $613.00 https://bit.ly/3KhdFh8
PHILADELPHIA 11-30 $639.00 https://bit.ly/3DJnzWo
BOSTON 19, 28-29 $541.00 https://bit.ly/3KeXyAH
VANCOUVER ALL MONTH $849.00 https://bit.ly/3DLoSnC
MONTREAL 7-19, 23 $663.00 https://bit.ly/3jbxMS8
TORONTO 12,25,27 $640.00 https://bit.ly/3jdNf46

2.- Book a Hotel or Airbnb near our office located at:

Click on the image or the link to see the location.

Here we share some suggestions of places to stay used by our customers:


One Building Quito Parque La Carolina Rental for Days
Altura Rooms & Suites
Beautiful Suite by brand new, Apartment 13, Front La Carolina Park
Homevoyage Suites
Hotel Finlandia
Hotel Republica
Le Parc Hotel, Beyond Stars
Val Hotel Santamaria Quito
Wyndham Garden Quito

In Quito-Ecuador we offer you

3.- Safe transfer from the airport to your hotel or Airbnb; and back to the airport.

4.- Tentative schedule for Vaccination


9:00 AM Let’s meet at Translators Ecuador Office (posted above)
9:30 AM Transportation to the medical facility
Note: Bring your original passport with you
9:30:00 AM – 10:00:00 AM Cansino vaccination
10:00:00 AM – 11:00:00 AM Get your PCR test for travel back to the US (for the same day travel)
At Translators Ecuador office:
11:00:00 AM -12:00:00 AM Present your vaccination card and passport for scanning

Fill in the consular legalization request form (x4)

Sign a letter of authorization for representation at the Chinese embassy

12:00:00 AM – 13:00:00 PM You are good to go, we will be sending your documents to your office or home in a couple of weeks.

5.- Services and Rates

Project Management Services (interpreters and escorts). $180.00
Transfer from the airport to the Hotel or Airbnb and from the Hotel or Airbnb to the airport. $80.00
Cansino (1 dose) $ –
Official translation ES > ZH (x4 pages) $120.00
Sworn Affidavit and true copies $50.00
Letter of Authorization $40.00
Legalization in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ecuador (X2 Legalizations) $170.00
Authentication process at the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China (Authentication X2) $130.00
PCR test, it is required to present at the airport Checkin, boarding without PCR is not allowed $65.00
DHL Express International Shipping to the United States
Note: prices vary for other countries

The entire process takes 3-4 weeks; however, we only need you physically in Ecuador for a half a day as mentioned on schedule.

6.- Visas to Ecuador

To visit Quito-Ecuador, it is very likely that you do not have to apply for a visa. Citizens of most countries can enter and stay without a visa for up to 90 days. Click here to see if your country requires a tourist visa.

Important: We can also manage the Vaccine Authentication service at the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China if you have already received inoculation with the Chinese COVID-19 vaccines. We will be requesting our clients to send PDF scans of their Passport , Originals of Apostilled Vaccine Cards or Certificates, an online appointment will be scheduled to fill out the legalization request form.

Requirements for entry to Ecuador:

Every passenger who enters the country, over 16 years of age, must present a mandatory

  • Complete scheme of vaccination against COVID-19.
  • Negative PCR test results of at least 72 hours prior to boarding a plane to Ecuador.
  • Complete the “Traveler’s Health Declaration” form provided by the Ecuadorian Government. Form link: https://declaracionsalud-viajero.msp.gob.ec/

7. Optionally you can join our CanSino and Sinovac Wechat , WhatsApp and Facebook groups for application to visas China

WeChat Group Cansino Sinovac Ecuador
WeChat Group Cansino Sinovac Ecuador

Whatsapp group Chat Cansino and Sinovac Ecuador
Whatsapp group Chat Cansino and Sinovac Ecuador

QR Code for CanSino and Sinovac Facebook Group

8. Payments accepted: Zelle (US), IBAN (Europe), WeChat Pay (China), Credit Cards (All), Paypal

9. Here are some recommendations of things to do and places you can visit during your stay:


Iñaquito Market (good local food)

Handcrafts market (good place to buy artisanal souvenirs) 


Middle of the world (good place for museums and tourist visits)

Intiñan Museum (about 10 minutes from the main monument)


Historical center (historical center, a lot of buildings and churches from the colonial era)

Cable car (cable car offers a great view of the city – the mountain is called Rucco Pichincha)


Pululahua volcano (approximately half an hour from the world great place to see * in the morning * and a good place to buy souvenirs too, I mention it in the morning because around noon becomes cloudy – Pululahua actually holds its name due to this fog 


Ponchos Square Otavalo (3 hours from Quito * Buy Western-style ponchos, souvenirs, skins, all at cheap local prices: 

Keep in mind that if you go to any of these places, our advice is to take a taxi (towards and from) and stay within the perimeter of the places of interest, also try not to stay till too late. Enjoy your time in Ecuador!

Translators Ecuador provides you with one-stop solution for the authetication of CanSino or Sinovac vaccinations at the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China for China Visa. We are certified official translators of the Judiciary Council of Ecuador with legal responsibility for the work produced. We’ll provide you with escorts, interpreters, lawyers and take you through the entire process efficiently and hassle free.

Contact Us! You can use the pink button on bottom right for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and Telegram and for Wechat users we have the following QR code for scanning. Note that by adding us o your WeChat we can connect you to a group of hundreds of people that have used our program and would be happy to give you tips and answer any questions you may have about it

Click on the image to see our reviews.

10. Leave us a review:

Translators Ecuador appreciates your confidence in our guaranteed comprehensive linguistic services. We offer a $50 credit on our vaccine packages to you or your referral on a future purchase as compensation for a positive rating that will take only a few seconds. You can do it at the following link: https://g.page/r/CRgRgMcMGCK0EAg/review  Thank you very much!

Translators Ecuador will soon be offering services for our clients in Europe wishing to enter China, as well as for Chinese citizens wishing to enter the United States.

Links of interest:

Why Your “Work Visa” Won’t Work : https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/L7lSE7xYYvk6ZSrmQ0LPJQ

Visa application jurisdictions in the United States: http://www.china-embassy.org/eng/zmzlljs/t84229.htm

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