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Official translations (certified translation, notarized translation, apostilled translation, judicial translation) carried out by expert translators of the Judicial Council.

We carry out official translations for all types of proceeding in Ecuador and abroad. We are authorized translators for translation of public and private documents, we provide our clients with Comprehensive Services ranging from consultancy, certified translation, notary services, apostille and legalizations, and consular proceedings.

The following are our working languages:

Group A: English, Spanish
Group B: Arabic, Bulgarian, French, Greek, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Turkish
Group C: Hebrew, Chinese and Czech
Group D: Ukrainian, Korean, Japanese, German, Dutch, Swedish, Vietnamese, Slovak, Quechua
Group E: Albanian, Belarusian, Bengali, Catalan, Croatian, Danish, Estonian, Farsi, Finnish, Hungarian, Icelandic, Irish, Maltese, Nepalese, Norwegian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Thai.
GROUP A WITH A $ 25 (Note: discounts are provided based on page amount starting from the sixth page)
GROUP A WITH B $ 28 (Note: discounts are provided based on page amount starting from the sixth page)
GROUP A WITH C $ 30 (Note: discounts are provided based on page amount starting from the sixth page)
GROUP A WITH D $ 32 (Note: discounts are provided based on page amount starting from the sixth page)
GROUP A WITH E $ 34 (Note: discounts are provided based on page amount starting from the sixth page)

What is an Official Translation?

In general, it is a physically delivered hard-copy translation, it includes signature, stamp and affidavit of an official translator (expert translator) , authorized by the Judicial Council of Ecuador to carry out these proceedings and translations.

Certified Translation in Bolivar: It is the most common translation used on visa applications, undergraduate and graduate scholarships, job applications and other informational documents required in other languages.

Note: Certified Translations can also be done digitally using an electronic signature.

Notarized Translation in Bolivar: In general, all official documents entering Ecuador from abroad must be duly apostilled or legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of origin. To legalize this document in Ecuador, a Certified Translation is carried out with a Notarial Service to meet submission requirements of public entities.

Apostilled Translation in Bolivar: Authentication of Notary signature who attested the certified translation of the expert translator.

Important: Many public or private entities abroad may require notarized or apostilled translations; It is necessary to consult the requesting institution the manner in which documents should be presented.

What is the difference between a general translation and an official translation?

The main difference between a general translation and an official translation is that the general translation becomes official when it contains an affidavit, signature and seal of a translator accredited by the Judicial Council of Ecuador , in many casesthe translation may include a QRcode for online verification . These requirements are met when a translation is accompanied by a translation affidavit with translator’s verification URL .

The expert translator of the Judicial Council of Ecuador is the only authorized to attest a translation and can be validated on all notarial offices of Ecuador and also the notaries of the embassies of Spain and the United States in Ecuador.

When do you need an official translation in Bolivar?

In general, when it comes to documents issued or presented to an Ecuadorian public entity , or when a general translation or specialized translation requires attestation.

The following are some examples of translations and proceedings carried out by www.translatorsecuador.com that require an official translation:
Schools and High Schools Degree certificates, titles, qualifications, promotions and other documents.
Notaries General or specialized translations, Divorce Decrees, Minors’ exit authorization
Judicial Council Minors’ exit authorization
Ministry of Interior (Ministerio del Interior) Residency Certifications
Municipalities Residency Certifications
Universities Titles, degree certificates, study plans, academic records
SENESCYT Title Registrations
Ministry of Health Medical Certificates and Diplomas
State Attorney General’s Office General Documents
AGROQUALITY Phytosanitary, zoosanitary and export import certificates
Prosecutor’s office Warrants, Court Proceedings and Others
Ecuadorian Agro Quality Assurance Agency Certificates of origin of Ecuadorian export products
National Agency for Health Regulation, Control and Surveillance Certificates and Authorizations of Sanitary Registration of Medicine, Food, Cosmetics, Medical Devices
Institute of Intellectual Property (IEPI) General Documents
Ministry of Interior Criminal Record Certificates
CONADIS Documents for people with special abilities
National Council of Narcotic and Psychotropic Substances (CONSEP) General Documents
Internal Revenue Service (SRI) General Documents
Provincial Courts Certified processes
Churches Baptism Certificates
Ministries, public entities in general General Documents
Receipt and delivery of Documents

Our translation services are close to you, we send physical works nationally and internationally. Please send the documents to be quoted or translated to [email protected] or by WhatsApp to +593 999946572, the documents are scanned in PDF format.

If you prefer, there is also the option of delivery and reception of physicals documents in our Quito office: (click on the image to display the map):

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Monday to Friday from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

We are a translation agency focused on providing solutions based on trust and integrity, we bide by international standards and have strict quality control.

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