What are the specific requirements on subtitle transcripts (same language)?

Specific requirements include:

  • Delivery Time: All our services have a delivery time of 5 working days (Monday to Friday), in case the applicant needs their transcription before that time (3 days, 1 day, 6-12 hours), additional costs on the 5-day rate are applicable).
  • Number of Audio or Video Interventors: Our base rate covers 1 and 2 interveners, in case there are more there is an additional cost.
  • Audio Quality: In the event that you consider that the audio will be complicated to transcribe by its quality, it is likely that this is the case, this type of service adds a degree of complexity to the transcription, so there is an additional cost.
  • Open Subtitles: The videos have closed subtitles, that is, they are one with the content of the video and are inseparable, but there is the possibility that they are part of the video in a different file (open subtitles) so that they can be edited at any time, this requirement has an additional cost.
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