What is a Professional Transcription?

In general, tasks involve converting and audio/video to a readable file, transcriptions with translations involves our professionals certified translators to listen to an audio/video and translate to the language our customer requires.

Literal transcription: In this type of transcription (Verbatim), all sounds heard in the audio or video are written in the document, including unfinished words, repeated, pronunciation errors, such as «cocreta (concrete)», sounds such as eh…, mmmm…. This type of transcription is usually requested for trials and expert evidence for proceedings.

Natural transcription: This type of transcription (Clean Verbatim) the transcriber removes all irrelevant information, resulting in a more natural, clearer and professional-looking text. Under no circumstances are the words or the meaning of the sentences changed.

Example: The phrase, that in literal transcription would be transcribed «eh… I don’t remember; It was… it was night and the only thing I saw mmm… Uh… Were… Was… All I saw was a person who walked around.» in a natural transcription the transcription would be as follows: «Idon’t remember; it was night and all I saw was a person who walked around.». No information is lost, the meaning of the sentence or paragraph remains the same, however, as you have seen from the examples some corrections were made.

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