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Expert Translator

What is an expert translator?

It is a professional translator who has reported and meets the requirements established by the certifying body.In Ecuador, the certifying body is the Judicial Council.

Requirements include verification of formal translation studies, years of experience, moral integrity of the person, among others. Once you have passed the exams to obtain your designation as a <<the expert translator>> its function is to certify that a translation is faithful and accurate.

It is important to emphasize that the expert translator has legal and civil responsibility for their translations, which gives our clients security in procedures and content.

“ We are certified translators enabled by the Judicial Council of Ecuador. Our team of accredited translators and interpreters will provide official and judicial translations to your documents to be used in Ecuador and abroad.”


Expert Translator Credential Validation

The following are our professional translators:

Certified Expert TranslatorIdentificationAccreditation #
Miguel Ángel Pantoja Shimanskii17172065341840315
Alik Marcos Chang Shimanskii17180966371840859
Amy Jackeline Chang Shimanskii17180966521859651
Juan David Chang Shimanskii17180966451864414

The following module is used to consult the accredited experts from the Judicial Council of Ecuador, just enter the identification number and click “Search” for verification.

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