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We believe that establishing protocols to our internal workflow is the right way to guarantee linguistic service results for our customers and support our track record as a company, our customer and providers’ gained confidence that we’ve received throughout the years reflects our efforts have been on the best path.

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Human Resources:
Who joins our team?

Our translator selection to be assigned to different projects is a fundamental step in our workflow, for this reason, we constantly update our database of linguist collaborators, who undergo our offered certifications.

  • Every day we receive hundreds of application requests from translators and interpreters who want to be part of our company, all requests are analyzed in detail by our human talent specialists.
  • Selected translators and interpreters will now fill in their personal and professional data in order to verify their identity and capacities, thus guaranteeing the proper and competent personnel selection.
  • All translators and interpreters go through our certification process offered by Translators Ecuador, which helps us to establish if they are professionally and linguistically fit for the services we offer.
  • Once personal and professional capacities are confirmed, we offer our translators constant training so that they are prepared and ready to receive translations and accompany our clients in interpretation assignments.
Translators Ecuador

Project Assignment:
How do we assign work to translators?

When including the best professionals to our team we have to determine their availability and net translation capacity, their specialties in professional fields, in order to assign corresponding projects.

  • We classify and assign projects to our professional translators based on their native language for optimal delivery results.
  • Our translators specify their different specializations in the fields of translation, giving us the opportunity to assign them with projects by field or industry, a translator specialized in medical translation services would be the appropriate translator for pharmaceutical-related texts, and that’s how we assign your projects.
  • All our translators undergo an evaluation process, every time we receive a translation, that translation is reviewed and work quality is evaluated , this way we can offer the best performing professionals.
  • When our project managers receive a customer’s service order, the translation assignment stage begins, the best rated native translators are chosen and the specialization field is confirmed according to the project need, guaranteeing the best professionals for the job.
Translators Ecuador

Project Management:
How do we organize your assignment?

Our team has project managers who monitor the translation from start to finish and assure on-time delivery and the best possible result on linguistic services service.

  • Once the translation order is received by a client it is automatically assigned to a project manager, who is responsible for the satisfactory completion and delivery of the translation in compliance with the highest quality standards for deliverables.
  • The request goes through a review process, in which the project manager looks for inconsistencies in the work order or attachments, communicates with the client to receive answers to any doubts and performs project planning.
  • With the provided project instruction it’ll be assigned to the translator and reviewer, at this stage we begin the translation process with continuous monitoring of the project manager and work status checks.
  • If the project manager runs into any difficulties throughout the translation course, containment measures will take place to ensure that the work reaches completion and full client satistation.
Translators Ecuador

Revisions and Edits:
How is our quality control?

For years we’ve relied on technology to establish reliable quality policies, however, we believe that there is no better control of inconsistencies and errors than humans, so our reviews and edits are made by our quality specialized team.

  • Our first quality filter is direct communication with our customers to answer doubts concerning the translation service order, as well as to record the instructions in order to pass on to the assigned translator.
  • Our second quality filter is a translator assignment, in which we hire a native language translator, specialized in the project industry or field, with an optimal track record and assessment within our group and we verify that the translator will deliver on due time with uttermost quality.
  • Our third filter is to review and edit inconsistencies and errors by an assigned reviewer, in this case, the job will be to identify any inconsistencies with the work qualify of the translator.
  • Finally, our project manager is in the constant task of ensuring translations with guaranteed content, review, quality check and on-time delivery.
Translators Ecuador

Completion of the Project:
How is our delivery process?

The delivery of the final translation product, results of having applied an optimal workflow, our digital and home deliveries maintain that quality that characterizes us, delivery times in agreed dates are very important to us.

  • We prepare the document in the appropriate sending format, whether digital or physical, you will always receive the translated document with quality and on time.
  • In the case of digital deliveries, i.e. through e-mail, the project manager will track and ask the customer for a reliable assessment for quality purpose.
  • In the case of physical deliveries, we are backed by a worldwide recognized delivery company, our deliveries are to the door and within the fastest shipping that can be contracted for home deliveries.
  • In the event that you are not satisfied with one of our services, the responsible project manager will follow up and make all the necessary corrections to ensure customer satisfaction.

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