Traducciones Apostilladas en Ecuador

What is an apostilled translation?

Translation with Apostille: Certification of public documents that, issued by a State, are going to be presented by the interested party in other countries in order to grant validity abroad . The apostille includes Legalization. The Hague Apostille makes consular or diplomatic any other legalization unnecessary.

Note: The following countries require a Hague apostille or legalization by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility of Ecuador. Click here to see countries within the Hague Treaty

Do you need an Apostilled Translation for use abroad?

Once the steps of an official Notarized or Legalized translation in Ecuador for private documents and Legalization for public documents have been completed, the expert translator will go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility to carry out the respective apostilles and legalizations.

Los siguientes son algunos ejemplos de traducciones y trámites realizados por TranslatorsEcuador.com que requieren de apostillas y legalizaciones:
  • Traducciones generales o especializadas que serán presentadas ante un notario Leer masDocumentos que emite el Ministerio de Educación. Todos los documentos de escuelas y colegios como: Actas de grado, Títulos, calificaciones, promociones y otros documentos. Leer más
  • Todos los documentos de Universidad como: Títulos, actas de grado, pensum de estudios, récord académico y otros emitidos por la SENECYT.
  • Autorización de salida de Menores de Edad emitidos por Notarias o el Consejo de la Judicatura.
  • Certificaciones de Residencia emitidos por el Ministerio del Interior o Municipios.
  • Certificados Médicos Diplomas de medicina rural emitidos por el Ministerio de Salud.
  • Certificados fitosanitarios, zoosanitarios de exportación importación emitidos por AGROCALIDAD, dependencia del Ministerio de Agricultura.
  • Certificados de origen de los productos ecuatorianos de exportación emitidos por la Agencia Ecuatoriana de Aseguramiento de Calidad del Agro.
  • Certificados y Autorizaciones de Registro Sanitario de Medicamentos, Alimentos, Cosméticos, Dispositivos Médicos emitidos por la Agencia Nacional de Regulación, Control y Vigilancia Sanitaria, dependencia del Ministerio de Salud.
  • Certificados de Antecedentes Penales.
  • Documentos emitidos por el CONADIS o Ministerio de Salud Pública para personas con capacidades diferentes.
  • Documentos emitidos por el Consejo Nacional de Sustancias Estupefacientes y Psicotrópicas, CONSEP.
  • Documentos emitidos por el Instituto de la Propiedad Intelectual, IEPI.
  • Documentos emitidos por el Instituto Ecuatoriano de Seguridad Social, IESS. Documentos emitidos por el Registro Civil.
  • Documentos emitidos por el Servicio de Rentas Internas, SRI.
  • Documentos emitidos por los Juzgados provinciales, incluso los de la Provincia de Pichincha.
  • Documentos emitidos por las Iglesias.
  • Documentos emitidos por los Municipios o por unidades educativas municipales.
  • Otros documentos y certificados particulares notariados.
  • Documentos emitidos por los Ministerios, entidades públicas en general.
  • Documentos emitidos por la Fiscalía.
  • Documentos emitidos por la Procuraduría General del Estado.

Los mencionados son los documentos más comunes, pero hay muchos otros documentos que se pueden traducir oficialmente.


How are Apostilled Translations quoted?

Apostilled Translations are quoted by the number of pages that have to be translated, language pair needed and processing time and Public Institution Costs and Fees.

In summary, the Fees for this service are as follows: Every Apostille costs $75, this amount does not include the translation which is quoted separately. Some institutions may request a Notarized Translation if so, there will be an added cost of $50. You will need the hardcopy translation, we offer office pickup and worldwide shipping.

¿Cuál es el proceso de trabajo de una traduccion apostillada?

How long does it take to have an Apostilled Translation delivered? What are the costs?

Our prices are calculated based on delivery time and language combination. Prices vary as it is not the same to require 3000 words with a delivery time frame of 3 to 4 days as to require 3000 words for 5 in the afternoon, it does not cost the same to translate from English to Spanish as from Chinese to German because of the language combination complexity. It is also necessary to take into account processing time with Public Notary, Public Institutions, Private Institutions and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility.

The tables below allow you to better understand pricing and delivery of Apostilled Translations, languages are grouped by complexity, delivery times and by clicking on the links you can review the costs of the translation.

Language Group Available languages
Group A: English(US) and Spanish(LAT).
Group B: Spanish(Spain), English(UK), Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Vietnamese, Turkish and Chinese.
Group C: Albanian, Belarusian, Bengali, Catalan, Croatian, Danish, Estonian, Farsi, Finnish, Hungarian, Icelandic, Irish, Lithuanian, Maltese, Nepali, Norwegian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Thai, Ukrainian, Korean and Japanese.

Prices (Delivery Time + Language Combination)

Certified Translation Delivery Time (Standard) Delivery Time (Urgent)* Price
1 to 10 pages 6-9 working days 6 business days Click Here
11 to 40 pages 8-12 working days 8 business days Click Here
41 to 100 pages 9-24 working days 9 working days Click Here
101 to 160 pages 11-36 working days 11 working days Click Here
161 to 200 pages 14-44 working days 14 working days Click Here
More than 200 pages Contact Contact
Note: * The cost of an Urgent Delivery is 30% above a Standard Costs, the price shown do not include shipping and handling.

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