Traducciones Judiciales en Ecuador para uso en el Exterior

What is a judicial translation?

Judicial translations cover all documents that are part of a judicial process, such as contracts, agreements, lawsuits, pre-investigations, documented proof, birth certificates, identity documents, marriage certificates, property titles, testimonies, affidavits, exhortations, interrogation reports, legal codes, decrees, among others.

The mentioned are the most common documents, but there are many other documents that can be officially translated for court proceedings.

Who performs a judicial translation?

The expert translator of the Judicial Council that is an auxiliary officer of Justice and is also a consultant to the Judges, Prosecutors, and Courts when involved. Judges and Prosecutors are not specialized in all fields, for this reason, they consult with professionals specialized in those fields.

Are you presenting your judicial translation in Ecuador?

when filling a translation into a court proceeding, a Judicial Translation is what you require, The expert translator jointly present with their translation work an expert report in accordance with Articles 19 and 20 of the EXPERTS INTERNAL REGULATION SYSTEM OF THE JUDICIAL COUNCIL.

Do you need an apostilled or legalized judicial translation for use abroad?

Your judicial translation must be legalized and/or apostilled for international validity, click here to receive an instant quotation for Judicial Translations for use Abroad. Translation includes Expert Report translated into the target language(destination country).

The following data and format are included on our expert report:



Name judiciary or prosecutor's office:
No. Process:
Name and Surname of the Expert:
Accredited Profession and Specialty:
Num. Qualification:
Accreditation Expiration Date:
Contact Address:
Contact Phone Number:
Contact Cell Phone:
Contact Email:

2. BACKGROUND SECTION, in this section the assignment must be clearly identified and specified, that is, the subject reported to the judge based on judge’s, prosecutor’s or interested parties’ requirements.

3. APPLIED METHODOLOGY AND TECHNICAL CONSIDERATIONS SECTION, expertise and how specialized knowledge are applied to the assignment, art or profession, or expert services. The expert shall relate the contents of his or her expertise to the object of the assigned expertise. He/She will examine the relevance of his/her expertise to the specific process as part of the expert’s report.

4. CONCLUSIONS SECTION, technical considerations will be followed by a technical opinion or conclusion of the expert application in the specific process analyzed. In the expert report, It is prohibited to make value judgment of the parties actions. The report shall relate only to the facts consulted and organized, established on precedents, and shall not say anything about the parties’ actions in the proceedings in the particular case. The conclusions will cover the expertise subjects duly defined and explained in the precedent. Any other criteria in addition to the delimitation of expertise will not be taken into account at the time of the decision, and will be taken into consideration for the expert’s evaluation.

5. INCLUSION OF SUPPORT DOCUMENTATION, ANNEXES, OR TECHNICAL CRITERIA EXPLANATION, must support its conclusions with either document or support documentation (photos, certified copies of documents, recordings, etc.); and/or, with a clear explanation of what the technical or scientific sustenance is to obtain a specific result or conclusion. The specialized reasons of the expert must be clearly set out in order to reach the relevant conclusion. This requirement will not be met if the conclusion is not supported by documents, objects or the technical and scientific explanation required in this numeral. The expert must reason and motivate the reason of his presentation, that is, to justify from every point of view the conclusions which he or she includes in the report. In the event, the expert doesn’t substantiate his/her conclusions and this is reported by the judge or the prosecutor, this will be considered at the time of the experts’ evaluation.

6. OTHER REQUIREMENTS,if the relevant procedural law determines the inclusion of requirements in addition to those laid down by the regulation, the expert must necessarily record it in his expert report in accordance with that legal requirement.

7. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION, the expert may include any other information added to the previous numerals, provided that it helps clarify its explanations and/or conclusions; as long as this information is within the limits of the subject matter of the skill.

8. SWORN STATEMENT, the expert shall at the end part of the report declare under oath that his report is independent and it corresponds to his real professional conviction, as well as, that all the information he/she has provided is true.

9. SIGNATURE AND RUBRIC, at the bottom of the report the expert translator will include signature and rubric, national identification number, and qualification/accreditation number.”


How are judicial translations quoted?

Judicial translations are quoted by the number of pages as it is a parameter that is obtained easily and almost always immediately.

In addition to the translation work, the certification of a translation costs $40 per certification, the Notary Cost is $50, the expert report $50 and if you require the originals (physical copies with ink signature and seals) there is a shipping and handling cost that varies according to the destination country. As an example; you have a requirement of a judicial 6-page translation: the translation cost per page is $30, so $30X6 = $180( for translation) and the certification an additional $40, Notary $50, Foreign Affairs Apostille or Legalization $75, but you also require your document sent via postal mail to the United States (About $50). The total cost of the translation and shipping and handling is $375.

¿Cuál es el proceso de trabajo de una traduccion judicial para uso en el Extranjero?

How soon is a legalized translation delivered? What are the costs?

Our prices are calculated based on delivery time and language combination. Prices vary as it is not the same to require 3000 words with a delivery time frame of 3 to 4 days as to require 3000 words for 5 in the afternoon, it does not cost the same to translate from English to Spanish as from Chinese to German because of the language combination complexity. It is also necessary to take into account processing time with Public Notary, Public Institutions, Private Institutions and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility.

The tables below allow you to better understand pricing and delivery of Apostilled Translations, languages are grouped by complexity, delivery times and by clicking on the links you can review the costs of the translation.

Language GroupAvailable languages
Group A:English(US) and Spanish(LAT).
Group B:Spanish(Spain), English(UK), Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Vietnamese, Turkish and Chinese.
Group C:Albanian, Belarusian, Bengali, Catalan, Croatian, Danish, Estonian, Farsi, Finnish, Hungarian, Icelandic, Irish, Lithuanian, Maltese, Nepali, Norwegian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Thai, Ukrainian, Korean and Japanese.

The table below shows our price per page on Standard Delivery (clicking on the red “Instant Quote Button” on the bottom right corner will take you to our quotation and payment module). If you wish to receive a personalized quote per word count contact us and attach your files.

Certified TranslationDelivery Time (Standard)Delivery Time (Urgent)*Price
1 to 10 pages5-8 working days5 working daysClick Here
11 to 40 pages6-10 working days6 business daysClick Here
41 to 100 pages9-23 working days9 working daysClick Here
101 to 160 pages10-35 working days10 working daysClick Here
161 to 200 pages13-43 working days13 working daysClick Here
More than 200 pagesContactContact
Note: * Urgent deliveries are added an additional 30% to the Standard Costs, the price does not include shipping and handling.

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