Transcripciones Profesionales en Ecuador

What is a Professional Transcription?

In general, tasks involve converting and audio/video to a readable file, transcriptions with translations involves our professionals certified translators to listen to an audio/video and translate to the language our customer requires.

Literal transcription: This type of transcription, also known as (Verbatim), all speeches and sounds heard in the audio or video are written in the document, including unfinished words, repeated words or sentences, pronunciation errors, An example: if the speaker says “cocreta (concrete)”, we would transcribe as heard “croceta” also sounds such as eh…, mmmm…. are typed into the customers’ requested languages This type of transcription is usually requested for trials and expert evidence for proceedings.

Natural transcription: This type of transcription (Clean Verbatim) the transcriber removes all irrelevant information, resulting in a more natural, clearer and professional-looking text. Under no circumstances are the words or the meaning of the sentences changed.

Example: The phrase, that in literal transcription would be transcribed “eh… I don’t remember; It was… it was at night time and the only thing I saw mmm… Uh… Were… Was… All I saw was a person who walked around.” in a natural transcription the transcription would be as follows: “I don’t remember; it was night time and the only thing I saw was a person who walked around.”. No information is lost, the meaning of the sentence or paragraph remains the same, however, as you have seen from the examples some corrections were made.

Professional transcriptions are subdivided into the following categories:

Transcription Type Description Price
Same Language Transcription In same language transcription, an audio or video file is converted to text format in the same language. Go to Service
Translated Transcription In a translated transcription an audio or video file is converted to text format in another language. Go to Service
Same Language Subtitles In same language subtitles, subtitles are added to a video file in the same language. Go to Service
Translated Subtitles In translated subtitles, subtitles are added to a video file in another language. Go to Service

Note: In most cases, transcription services are quoted based on audio/video duration.

What is the difference between a same language transcription and a translated transcription?

The main difference between a same language transcription and a translated transcription is the target language reflected on the transcribed results.

some transcription requests have speakers in the audio or video speaking more than one source language, this is important information to be considered for human resource selection purposes.

How do I transcribe subtitles in videos?

In subtitle transcriptions, there are 2 types, the transcription of same language subtitles and translated subtitles into one or more languages. On all professional subtitles assignments, the audiovisual professional configures the subtitles to the video while our professional linguists take care of translations. Subtitles can be left open or closed, that is, they can be merged to the video (closed) or included in an editable (open) format.

What are the specific requirements in transcription translations?

Specific requirements include:

  • Text Format: In this service request, the applicant indicates whether he wants a literal (Verbatim) or natural (Clean Verbatim Clean) translation.
  • Delivery Time: All our services have a minimum delivery time of 5 working days (Monday to Friday), when our customers require an expedited transcription (3 days, 1 day, 6-12 hours), urgent delivery costs are applied.
  • Number of Speakers in the Audio or Video: Our base rate covers up to 2 speakers if there are more speakers in a transcription service an additional fee is applied.
  • Audio Quality: If you consider the audio quality of your file may present difficulties to our transcribers due to the quality, please let us know, complex or poor quality audios require more work than usual so we do record an additional cost to our quotations.
  • Subtitles: Subtitles on videos make your viewers who speak different languages or have hearing impairment understand your content better, and when uploaded to a platform will improve your position on search engines.
  • Open Subtitles: Videos have closed subtitles, that is, videos and subtitles are merged and inseparable, but there are ways to make subtitles a separate file to the video (open subtitles) these subtitles can be edited at any time, this requirement has an additional cost.
  • Time Markers: These are timestamps for the video playback, they can be set into the transcription every time a new speaker appears when more speakers are involved in the audio or video recording this is an added cost to the quotation.

How are professional transcriptions quoted?

The duration time of the audio or video is quoted in conjunction to the target language output, to this we add our customers’ specific requirements, such as literal or natural transcription, over two speakers involved in audio, audio quality, timestamps required, adding subtitles to a video, all of this is taken into account for a transcription quotation.

¿Cuál es el proceso de trabajo de una Transcripción Profesional?

How does a Professional Transcriber prepare? What are the costs?

Every professional transcriber should prepare their transcripts, documenting the subject of audio or video and using tools (software) to optimize the result of the language service. Every professional transcriber properly plans the execution of the assignment. Customer’s cooperation at this point is crucial: the more prepared the transcriber is, the better the results.

Our prices are calculated based on the time period of video/audio, language combination, and additional requirements requested by our customers. Prices vary as it is not the same to require 1 hour of literal transcription in English, as a 1-hour translated transcription from Chinese to German.

The table below allows you to understand transcription languages available which we have grouped by complexity, by clicking on the links you can go to the pages of transcription types where you will find the links to our instant quotation module for Professional Transcription Services.

Language Group Available languages
Group A: English(US) and Spanish(LAT).
Group B: Spanish(Spain), English(UK), Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Vietnamese, Turkish and Chinese.
Group C: Albanian, Belarusian, Bengali, Catalan, Croatian, Danish, Estonian, Farsi, Finnish, Hungarian, Icelandic, Irish, Lithuanian, Maltese, Nepali, Norwegian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Thai, Ukrainian, Korean and Japanese.

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